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Hey There!

It's Coach Paul Southern.

After surveying Veeva employees, we found that staying fit & healthy while working long hours was a top concern.


So we're offering a Personal Coaching program for employees at 


We also put together this powerful resource to help you overcome one of the biggest challenges we all face...

This “Nutrition and Fitness for Busy Professionals Guide" will help. We know you’ll find yourself referring back to it throughout your busy week. 

Staying Fit And Healthy As A Busy Professional 

This series of three infographics take virtually ALL the guesswork out of staying on track with your tness goals no matter what your schedule looks like.

3 Steps to Fix a Broken Diet:

Do you ever feel like your diet is just plain “broken”?

Check out this definitive list of the vital nutrients you may be missing and what you need to know to fix your broken diet in minutes.


How to Stay in Shape When You're Busy:

Finding it next to impossible to get to the gym due to a full schedule or travel?


This simple infographic can help stop the madness and get you back on track.

Check out the “go-to” exercise routine you can do anywhere. It’s just 6 key moves


The Power of Sleep:

Do you have a reliable sleep ‘routine’?

Having one can help you end those nights of disrupted sleep and disrupted hormones. 

Find out the free way to finally get A FULL, DEEP NIGHT'S SLEEP! 

Thanks for checking out the resource we prepared for you...

In it you'll find ways to fix 3 major things that impact every busy professional:

Three Steps to Fix a Broken Diet

How to Stay in Shape when You're Busy

And finally, the all-important Power of Sleep. The most overlooked secret to performance, body composition, and health.

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